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iPod/iPad Tips and Tricks

ipod tipsFor iPod users, we list several iPod tips to help you manage iPods more easily and better. Whether you just bought your iPod or you have had one since they first hit the market, it is never too late to learn these following iPod tips. Hope it be useful for you!

iPod Tips: How to Add Playlist on iPod

If you have got too many songs on your iPod touch and need to create some playlists to sort them, this article will show you how to do that effortlessly. View more>>

iPod Resources: How to Share Apple ID with Your Family

We will introduce you several ways to share Apple ID with your family members appropriately, so that you can use different Apple ID on one computer. View more>>

iPod Resources: Free Movies for iPod touch

n this article, we will list some famous and completely free movie websites for you, and you can choose some of them to enjoy and download to your iPod touch to your content. Recommend this site to more friends! View more>>

iPod Tricks: The Story of Birth of iPod

Nowadays, more and more people are fond of using Apple's products, and one of the most classical products of Apple is iPod. Do you know the story of birth of iPod? We well tell you in this article. View more>>

iPod Tips: Take HDR Photos with iPod touch 4G

Do you want to take photos with your iPod touch 4G in higher quality? In some cases, we can take HDR photos with iPod touch 4G and the photo effect will be better. This article aims to teach you how to take HDR photos with iPod touch 4G. View more>>

Mac Tips: Mac OS X Lion Review

What indeed does Mac OS X Lion have? Is it so fantastic as Apple official site said? Let's look at this Mac OS X Lion review and see whether it is true. View more >>

iPad Tips: Several Mac Keyboard Shortcuts that You May Not Know

There are hundreds of thousands of Mac keyboard shortcuts that you can find by just looking through the menu bar for that application. However, maybe you need to know some of the keyboard shortcuts you often need to use. View more >>

iPod Tips: Free Music for iPod

Just got a new iPod and want to download free music for your iPod? You may not willing to buy music from the iTunes store, so here we provide you some websites that can download free music for iPod. View more>>

iPod Tips: How to Reset Your iPod

Here we will introduce you how to reset your iPod, and we will take iPod nano for example. View more>>

iPod Tricks: Next iPod/iPhone Offer 3D Display?

It is said that next iPod touch to compete with nintendo 3DS and Offer 3D Viewing without the glasses. View more>>

iPod Tips: Five Useful Tips for iPod

Are you a iPod fan? Do you want to make full use of your iPod? Here we list five useful tips for iPod and you may have a try. View more>>

iPod Tips: How to Jailbreak iPod Touch OS 3.1.2?

Users who were waiting for jailbreak iPod Touch 3G and iPhone 3GS on firmware 3.1.2 can now use a software to jailbreak iPod Touch OS 3.1.2. View more>>

iPod Tips: How to Reboot or Restart a Frozen iPod touch?

Using an iPod touch is usually a pretty smooth process. But from time to time, you'll find that an app crashes and locks the iPod or that the touch freezes up completely. View more>>

iPod Tips: How to Transfer iPod Music to Computer Free?

Have you ever purchased music from the iTunes Store? Are you confused of how to transfer iPod music to computer free? Here we provide two methods to help you. View more>>

iPod Tips: How to Maximize Your iPod Battery Life?

How to get the longest iPod battery life possible? Here we provide you several methods to maximize your iPod battery life. View more>>

iPod Tips: Zune vs iPod Touch

Zune or iPod Touch? Which is better? Are you confused of choosing iPod Touch or Zune? Here we list several features by comparing Zune vs iPod Touch. View more>>

iPod Tips: How to Backup iTunes Library?

As the quantity of media increases, the work to backup iTunes Library is becoming more and more necessary. Here we provide the steps to backup iTunes Library manually with a DVD or CD. View more>>

iPod Tips: Best Valentine's Movies for iPod touch

Which movie is suitable for the Valentine's Day? In this article, we strongly recommend some of the best classic Valentine's movies for iPod touch. You can read it and pick some of them for watching it on your iPod touch as you like. View more>>

iPod Tips: How to Read eBooks on iPod touch

Do you want to read eBooks on iPod touch anytime anywhere? Have lots of PDF or TXT eBooks at hand but don't know how to sync it to iPod touch for reading? This article will solve the problem for you one by one. Just read this article to learn how to read eBooks on iPod touch in details. View More>>

iPod Tips: Free Games for iPod touch

In this article, we will list the top 5 must-have iPod touch games and recommend some of the best game downloading sites for your reference. If you want to play unlimited games on iPod touch, just read this article to get more information. View More>>

iPod Tips: iPod touch Book Apps

What is the best book app for iPod touch? Where to download free books to your iPod touch instantly? Here is a list of free iPod touch book apps and book downloading sites for your reference. You can compare these apps and sites, then enjoy your digital reading life with iPod touch now. View More>>

Mac Tips: All-new MacBook Pro Review

Now, all-new MacBook Pro comes with 2880*1800 high resolution Retina display and many other new features. You can go to read this article and get more information about this new Apple MacBook Pro in details. View more >>


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