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Difference Between iPhone 4 and iPhone 5

Since iPhone 4 released on the market, iPhone 5 rumors has been spreaded everywhere, which make iPhone fans eager to order one immediately. The design of iPhone 5 is different compared to iPhone 4. What is the difference between iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 after all? Now let's see some possibilities that will happen in iPhone 5, and we will know more about the difference between iPhone 4 and iPhone 5.

1. Improve 3D graphics capability

difference between iphone 4 and iphone 5iPhone's graphics processing chip is integrated with the A4 processor, thus it is not clear which 3D graphics did iPhone use. However, as CNET blog writers Brooke Crothers pointed out, analysts say Samsung is likely to use the British semiconductor manufacturer Imagination's PowerVR graphics core (apple is one of investors in Imagination).

Regardless of which graphics chip did iPhone 4 use, iPhone 5 will use the more powerful graphics card.

Possibility: 90%

2. Longer battery life

Every time Apple introduces new iPhone, battery life becomes longer, so we expect that the fifth-generation iPhone will not be inferior in this respect. Apple said the talk time of iPhone 4 has exceeded 40% than the iPhone 3GS, so we expect iPhone 5 will also be able to achieve such progress rate compared to iPhone 4.

Possibility: 90%

3. Compatible with the 4G network

The biggest missing feature of iPhone 4 is the supporting of the next-generation 4G network, perhaps this is why Apple called the new iPhone as iPhone 4 rather than iPhone 4G. It is reported that AT & T 2011 will be put into commercial 4G network, and Sprint's 4G network is now ready to launch, Verizon has entered the final stage and will also launch 4G network in 2011. But Verizon and AT & T have not announced a specific launch date.

Possibility: 90%

4. Improved voice control

We expect the iPhone 5 voice control will continue to retain this feature, but this function still remains in the dial-up connection, so they still have a lot of room to improve. If we can write e-mail or text message through voice, this must be certainly cool.

Possibility: 75%

5. 4G network video chat (FaceTime)

Currently, FaceTime only occurred between iPhone 4 in the same Wi-Fi, we hope that there will be an option to use the cellular data network, and when the AT & T2011 4G network rollout was completed, this function will be achieved. In addition, we also hope to see achieved making video calls through PC.

Possibility: 50%

6. HD output

Currently, iPhone can not play any 720p or 1080i HD video. We hope Apple will add this feature, especially considering that Sprint Android-based Evo has been supported through the HDMI port output full HD video.

Possibility: 50%

7. Flash support

It is extremely unlikely for Apple to support Flash on the iPhone, but this does not mean we can not request.

Possibility: 1%

OK, after viewing the differences between iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, you may be excited to accept the upcoming iPhone 5. One thing is confirmed that iPhone 5 will be much better than iPhone 4 and it will improve a lot. Let's witness what will be like in the coming iPhone 5!

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