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iPad 2 How-to

As iPad 2 released on Mar 11th, it features an all-new design along with new features including built-in cameras and a new gyroscope. Here we provide you some iPad 2 how-tos to help you manger your iPad 2 better. Just make full use of your iPad with these iPad 2 tips!

iPad 2 How-to: Extra Storage for iPad 2

If you are not satisfied your iPad's storage and want to get extra storage for your iPad 2, this page will introduce some methods to realize the external storage on iPad 2 easily. View more>>

iPad 2 How-to: Use iPad Video Cameras

As we all know that iPad 2 released on the market with two cameras on it. Many people wonder what we can do with our cameras. What we can do with these two cameras? Now let' go and find something we can do with iPad video cameras. View more>>

iPad 2 How-to: Jailbreak iPad 2 IOS 4.3

As apple has released iPad 2 on the market, sometimes we need to jailbreak iPad 2 IOS 4.3. Here is step by step guide to jailbreak iPad on iOS 4.3 using the PwnageTool bundles. View more>>

iPad 2 How-to: Use iMovie to Edit iPad 2 Cameras Video

With these powerful functions provided by the new released iPad 2, we can directly record excellent moments through the camera and edit them with iMovie on your iPad 2. Now you may follow this guide and learn how to use iMovie to edit iPad 2 cameras video. View more>>

iPad 2 How-to: Use GarageBand on iPad 2

It is reported that some engineers who are working for Apple company NPC project claimed that the next generation of iPhone and iPad will support the function of mobile payments - NPC payments. View more>>


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