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How to Import Video from iPhone to iMovie?

import video from iphone to imovieQ: I just got back from vacation where I took lots of really cool video on my iPhone. Can anyone tell me if I can transfer the video from my phone to my Macbook to use in Imovie? If so, how?

A: To import video from iPhone to iMovie, you need first to transfer videos from iPhone to Mac and then you can put them into iMovie. In that case, you need a third party program to help you. Here we recommend iPhone to Mac Transfer which is a professional software to transfer videos, music, photos, contacts, call list etc. from iPhone to Mac.

You may now free download iPhone to Mac Transfer and follow the steps below to learn how to import video from iPhone to iMovie.

Guide: How to Import Video from iPhone to iMovie?

Step 1: Run the iPhone movie to mac transfer software, and connect your iPhone to your Mac via USB cable. After done, the iPhone to Mac Transfer will automatically recognize it and your iPhone library and playlists appear in the Device list.

Step 2: You can see the left bar, the iPhone to Mac transfer will show your iPhone playlist on the left bar. Open the movie library on the left bar. Select the videos that you want to send on which from iPhone to Mac.

connect iphone to mac

Step 3: Click the "Export checked files to local" button. Your movie will be transferred to Mac. You can copy a single video to Mac or transfer a lot of at the same time.

select videos and transfer

After the videos were transferred to Macbook, you may open you iMovie and edit your videos without any limitation. If you are an iPhone user, then iPhone to Mac Transfer is a must-have program for you. Feel free to download it right now!

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