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How to Import Address Book from iPhone to Mac?

import address book from iphone to mac"How can I import my Address Book from my iPhone to Mac? Last week my Mac HD crashed and I had to replace it. I want to bring all of the info in my Address Book, movies that I downloaded, and music from my iPhone back onto my Mac."

Maybe sometimes your iTunes doesn't functioning very well and you lost everything on your Macbook. To import address book from iPhone to Mac, you need to extract the contacts from iPhone and then import contacts to Mac address book. Here you can use iPhone Address Book to Mac Transfer to backup contacts from iPhone easily.

You need to take the following two steps to import iPhone contacts to Mac address book.
1. Export iPhone contacts to Mac with iPhone contacts to Mac Transfer as .csv files
2. Import iPhone .csv backup contacts to Mac address book.

Now you may free download iPhone to Mac Transfer and learn from our guide below.

Guide: How to Transfer Address Book from iPhone to Mac Freely?

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to Mac and run the software. Click the "Contacts" option in iPhone list and all the contacts are displayed on the library panel. Locate the files you want to transfer in the "contacts" library and check them without any loss.

select contacts to export

Step 2: Choose the "Export->Export to local" option on the "File" top-menu, or directly click the "Export checked files to local" button to export and select the target folder for saving iPhone Contacts in the dialog box that appears, and press "Save" button.

Step 3: Export all your contacts from iPhone to Mac as .CSV file format at the desktop. Run the Address book application, add import .CSV files to it. Then you can view all the contact lists on the address books screen.

import address book to macbook

Done! You can also use iPhone to Mac Transfer to import iPhone music, videos, photos, SMS, iBooks etc. to Mac for backup. You can also add these files to iPhone library without iTunes in case iTunes is crashed. Come on and try it by yourself!


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