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iPod touch Voice Activated Apps

Are you indulged in voice activated applications in the daily life and work? Do you want to enjoy more voice activated apps on your iPod touch, iPhone, iPad? If so, you have been the right place. In this article, we will introduce several funny iOS voice activated apps for iPod touch for your reference. Now, let's us to check these iPod touch voice activated apps one by one.

Best and Top iPod touch Voice Activated Apps

Top 1. Wherephone
Do you always misplace your iPod touch, iPhone and iPad and then cannot find them exactly? If you are misplacing your iPhone, you still can ask help of your friends. Just has a call then you can find your iPhone quickly. But if it is the iPod touch, what will you do? Don't worry, now wherephone is coming.

voice activated apps for ipod touch

Obviously, wherephone is designed for iPhone users, but it also compatible with iPod touch. So if you cannot find your iPod touch, just whistle playing sound enough. The iPod touch voice activated app will automatically play tones. But the premise is that you should open the Actibate option in the app.

Top 2. Ah...up
Ah...up is a kind of voice activated game app for iPod touch. It is a combination of voice activated and gravity sensing application. Believe us, this iPod touch voice activated game app will bring everyone a new experience. This game is a typical climbing tower games. The way of this game is not much special than others, but the most attractive feature of this game is the mode of operation. During the whole process of this game, you have to constantly shout "ah" in order to ensure a smooth rise of a small rocket, or it will fall.

Top 3. Soundsnap
Do you like self-timer? We know that Apple's iDevices has no physical keys can be photographed. So if you want to self-timer, it is difficult to find the keys on the screen exactly, right? Now, Soundsnap is coming, which is a new voice activated photo app on the market. With it, you can take photos within a cough directly. So that you'll never frustrate to find the correct keys.

There are three iPod touch voice activated apps for your choice, are you interested in it? If you are, you can search and install them to your iPod touch and enjoy the power of voice activated technology as you like.

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